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    We are looking for people who share our vision. Please contact us via the form below with a link to your CV, Resume and/or LinkedIn page. You can work for teTra in the variety of roles and types of employment.


    About teTra


    teTra Aviation corp. has developed eVTOL to make "travel" more convenient and comfortable. eVTOL is a motorized, electric-powered aircraft that can take off and land vertically wherever you want, just like a helicopter or drone. It's an aircraft, and it's a new vehicle that is about to be born. We are a new company founded in 2018, but we aim to develop the number one eVTOL in the world. As an international challenge, we joined an international development competition for eVTOLs, GoFly sponsored by Boeing and become the only team to win the award out of 824 teams in the world (click here for more details). We also became the first Japanese company to obtain a test flight permit for eVTOLs from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The technology and know-how on obtaining flight permits that we have acquired through our participation in GoFly are our unique culture. We are also working closely with Japanese and U.S. regulators and industry to develop legislation on eVTOL targeted involvement.


    We develop and manufacture airplanes with the aim of "realizing a society in which people can move freely in the air" for the purpose of "making mobility more comfortable". Before we look through the glasses of the aviation industry, we have to look at what it means to move around, what people need for their lives. We has chosen "the air transportation" as a means for "transportation" and developing a vehicle for it. Our vehicles increase people's choices in real life, increase mobility, and will make the lives more diverse and richer.


    A small number of our elite team members identify, plan and solve their own challenges. We don't neglect safety or comfort, but we always achieve our goal as fastest thinking "do's and don'ts" and gaining "true understanding".

    Depending on their interests, they are allowed a high degree of freedom in participation in domestic and international tech-related events, contact experts, or procurement of necessary materials and other activities. "Think deeply and try it out" "Learn from your mistakes" "Discuss thoroughly and come to a conclusion" "If it sounds interesting, try it".
    Why don't we work together to build an aircraft to be sold around the world?


    Company's name


    Our name, teTra is an acronym for "technology for transportation". We want to think first of achieving the purpose of "transportation" rather than the technology itself. In teTra aviation, only the letter T is capitalized. Also, tetra (hedron) is "the smallest unit of structure that makes up a solid or three-dimensional space," and te tra means "to take you" (root of a word "te traer"). Our name means "an aviation company with a necessary and sufficient technology to carry a human being to his or her destination".




    At teTra Aviation corp., we believe that allowing each employee to make the most of his or her individuality is the key to success. We believe that this is essential for the creation of innovation and the development of the company. We welcome all the applicants who meet the qualifications for the position regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability status, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.


    How to Apply


    We are actively recruiting for the positions listed on the "view jobs" page.

    If you are interested in working with us, please use the form below or email mail-recruit@tetra-aviation.com. Please mention the job title you would like to apply for and attach your resume and portfolio. Your portfolio should include items that you have created yourself and that describe your project.

    Please attach your resume and portfolio with a Google Drive or Dropbox link.

    LinkedIn links alone will not be accepted.