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    We are looking for people who share our vision. Please contact us via the form below with a link to your CV, Resume and/or LinkedIn page. You can work for teTra in the variety of roles and types of employment.


    A small number of our elite team members identify, plan and solve their own challenges. We don't neglect safety or comfort, but we always achieve our goal as fastest thinking "do's and don'ts" and gaining "true understanding".

    Depending on their interests, they are allowed a high degree of freedom in participation in domestic and international tech-related events, contact experts, or procurement of necessary materials and other activities. "Think deeply and try it out" "Learn from your mistakes" "Discuss thoroughly and come to a conclusion" "If it sounds interesting, try it".
    Why don't we work together to build an aircraft to be sold around the world?


    At teTra Aviation corp., we believe that allowing each employee to make the most of his or her individuality is the key to success. We believe that this is essential for the creation of innovation and the development of the company. We welcome all the applicants who meet the qualifications for the position regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability status, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.

    How to Apply

    We are actively recruiting for the positions listed on the "Join the Team" page.

    If you are interested in working with us, please email mail-recruit@tetra-aviation.com. Please mention the job title you would like to apply for and attach your resume and portfolio. Your portfolio should include items that you have created yourself and that describe your project.

    Please attach your resume and portfolio with a Google Drive or Dropbox link.

    LinkedIn links alone will not be accepted.

    Recently, we have received reports of scams using our company's name, e-mail address and logo. Please be aware that if you receive an offer letter from a human resources manager that you do not recognize, it is not from us.